The Switch

Electronic cigarettes seem to be everywhere these days. Sit for a while in a public place and you will probably see someone vaping. Turn on the TV and you may see them being advertised or used in a show. They are becoming part of popular culture these days for a lot of good reasons. Often cited is their better health record compared to tobacco products. The latter is known to be responsible for a lot of respiratory diseases. There are hundreds of carcinogens and other toxins in traditional cigarettes. There are much fewer in e-cigs. Aside from this, vaping enthusiasts also enjoy the following:

Lower Cost per Puff

Tobacco products are not really expensive to make. They are grown mostly in tropical countries which are conducive to the plant. Land and labor are cheap. The materials and packaging are not terribly complicated. However, their social cost has spurred governments to impose massive taxes on these products to discourage purchase and gain greater income. The same punitive regulations have not been imposed on e-cigs such that they remain affordable. You can get as many puffs in a cartridge as you would in a pack. In fact, the cost per puff is even lower with vaping. By using V2 E Cigs Coupon Codes, you can enjoy even greater savings.

Wide Range of Flavors

Another reason to switch is to experience a wider range of flavors. If you have been smoking for a while, then you have probably tried a lot of brands by now and realized that there really isn’t much difference between them. Some may have a darker blend or a better menthol kick but not much more than that. With e-cigs, you open a world of taste profiles that you have never experienced before. It is similar to seeing black and white photographs all your life and suddenly being introduced to full-color pictures. Get them sweet, smoky, or however else you want. Check out the library of available flavors at V2.

Environment-friendly Option

Smokers have to burn tobacco just to produce the effects they want. This releases undesirable particles in the air that are toxic to both humans and the environment. In fact, second-hand smoke is said to be more harmful to poor nonsmokers who just happen to be nearby. Family and friends have reason to be angry. Vaping does not produce the same level of harm. It does not produce smoke from burnt material but rather vaporized liquid thanks to the high heat. The smell tends to be less objectionable because of the food-grade flavors. Of course, thick vapor can still overwhelm a room and could still be a cause of concern so being mindful of manners is necessary.

Usable Where Tobacco is Banned

The harmful effects of tobacco have not only triggered soaring taxes but also usage bans in a number of cities. There are places wherein you cannot smoke in public. Doing so will result in hefty fines or worse for repeat offenders. This can be a bit worrying for smokers who can exhibit withdrawal symptoms if left without a puff for too long. Vaping, on the other hand, can be done quite freely almost everywhere. There will be no concerns about local laws and ordinances. Just puff away when you feel like it to relax and enjoy.

Free Shipping with Money-back Guarantee

A large portion of vaping enthusiasts gets their products from online sellers. This works well since they can find a lot more options on the Internet than in physical stores where stocks tend to be limited. It is easy to surf around and bounce from one shop to another. Many of these offer free shipping as well, although they usually need the order to reach a quota before waiving the fees. V2 is different in that they assure customers that all of their orders will push through without paying any shipping fees regardless of the amount. This is only applicable to standard shipping on domestic orders.

Superior Quality and Lifetime Warranty

Check where the products were made. Most of them come from China which is understandable since it was where the device was invented. It is also considered as the world’s factory. Unfortunately, the quality can be a hit or miss so be sure to stick to brands that have a good reputation. You may also look into US-made products that tend to have higher quality standards. A lifetime warranty may also seal the deal.